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Full Business Plan

Summary Business Plan

Full Business Plan vs. Summary Business Plan?

Generally, Full Business Plans are a better fit for complex businesses or businesses that are attempting to create a new market. Full Business Plans are longer, more in-depth documents generally 20 to 40 pages in length. Full Business Plans are more suited for funding needs of $500 thousand and up. Potential funders of Full Business Plans can be angel investors, high net worth individual investors, venture funds and private equity funds.

Summary Business Plans are a better fit for entrepreneurs at the ideation stage of development. Summary Business Plans are shorter, more concise documents generally 2 to 3 pages in length. You can think of these as the high-level summary of the Full Business Plans. Summary Business Plans are best suited for funding needs below $300 to $500 thousand. Potential funders of Summary Business Plans are most likely going to be angel investors, high net worth individual investors and friends & family; and in some cases, Seed venture capital funds.

Which describes you?Ideation / Concept and Revenue generatingIdeation / Concept
How much do you need?Greater than $500 ThousandLess than $500 Thousand
Which funding sources are a good match?AllAngel Investors, High Net Worth Investors, Seed Venture Capital Firms
How would it be structured?Equity Investment and LoansEquity Investment
How many pages?20 to 50 pages2 to 3 pages
How long does it take?2 to 3 weeks for 1st draft2 to 3 business days
What’s the process? 1 - Kick off conference
2 - Live and written Due diligence
3 - Drafting
4 - Revisions
5 0 Final
1 - Buy now
2 - Due Diligence Form
3 - Submission and Final
How much does it cost?TBD based on consultation$850 fixed
Do you help with funding?Yes. 6-mo free trial funding networkYes. 1-mo free trial funding network
How do I start?Schedule free consultationSchedule free consultation

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