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Full Business Plan

Our Full Business Plans are generally 20 – 30 pages in length and best suited for those companies and individuals seeking over $500 thousand in funding. These are comprehensive business plans that covers your business, background, history and future vision from soup-to-nuts.

What is a FULL Business Plan?

A full, comprehensive business plan is the roadmap of your business. It is made up of several distinct sections that work together to create a clear picture of what your business is, what it is striving to accomplish, and how exactly it is going to accomplish these things.

Why Do You Need One?

There are many reasons your business may need a plan. Typically, a business plan is required when attempting to secure funding. Banks and investors often require a completed business plan in order to get a better vision of the company, and an understanding of where invested dollars are going.

But funding is not the only reason you may decide your business would benefit from such a document. When it comes to your existing business, having a business plan provides you with the strategy you need to achieve that growth and expansion, allocate resources to the right places, and prioritizing your goals.

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