Summary Business Plan


Our SUMMARY Business Plans are generally 2 – 3 pages in length and best suited for those companies and individuals seeking less than $300 thousand in funding. These are high-level summary versions of our longer, FULL business plans.

What is a SUMMARY Business Plan?

Sometimes these are called “Executive Summaries” or “Teasers”. A concise and compelling summary business plan is a great initial document to show to a potential funder who can quickly review the highlights and upon interest, take it to the next steps. Funders are inundated with potential investment opportunities; as they review more 100 funding opportunities per month, many times they don’t have the time to read a 50-page business plan. Rather, a concise, compelling Summary Business Plan that hits the major points, is easier for the funder to read, digest and respond to.

Why You Need One?

There are many reasons your business may need a Summary Business Plan. It will give your potential funder a summarized document to quickly review and evaluate before making an initial decision to reach out to you to learn more. The Summary Business Plan hits the key points hard and early. Additionally you may use it to recruit early partners and employees.

See Comparison Full Business Plan vs. Executive Summary