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Planit Business

PlanIt Business (“PIB”) is a customized business plan writing company that specializes in business plans written for funding purposes. Our clients seek highly compelling and actionable business plans in order to raise capital in the form of bank loans (commercial and SBA) or equity investment (Friends & Family, Angel Investor, Venture Capital / Private Equity).

Our business plans can be tailored for pitches, proposals, joint ventures, management recruiting, board presentations, etc. Whenever you find the need to ask for something and need a document to represent that ask – – we can help you.

Awards & Recognition


We’re Only as good as our clients’ reviews

We, at PIB have raised over $6 Million for our own start up companies and raised in excess of $10 Billion for our client companies. We write the highest quality business plans and have been doing so since 1996.

Our Featured Clients

Nigel Thomas

CEO and Owner of GOLOCKER

“I am very happy with the business plan for GOLOCKER. Very professional and the process has helped me identify areas of competitive advantage and risk factors.”

Robert Couch

CEO Alternatives Direct LLC and Former NFL Offensive Lineman

“PlanIt Business and its team helped us get $3.5 million in equity capital.”

Deion Sanders

NFL Hall of Fame, MLB All Star worked with PlanIt Business.

The day Deion Sanders stopped by at the PIB Office in Dallas.

How Our Business Plan Process Works

Create a custom business plan with our transparent and efficient process.

Step 1 – Get to Know you and your business;

Step 2 – We Create;

Step 3 – Together Finalize; and

Step 4 – Discuss funding options.


Tell us about your business


We research and draft your plan


We edit to get it perfect


We contact funders on your behalf

Trusted by:


Shark Tank and founder of FUBU


Former CNBC Anchor

Graeme McDowell

PGA US Open Champion

Russell Wong

Hollywood Actor, starring in “Romeo Must Die”

Cameron Silver

Fashion Designer

Funding Network

Our Funding Partners include: Venture Capital Firms, Angel Investors and Banks.

Bank of America is an American multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is the second largest bank holding company in the United States by assets.
Venovate matches sophisticated investors and their advisors with issuers raising capital for the full range of alternative assets. On the Venovate platform one can invest or raise capital – from start to finish, fully compliant, and all online.
Global First Financial Partners is a global project finance services, investment and asset management firm that makes direct investments or provide project finance services in projects worldwide that requires project financing.
FMID enables alternative resources for private financing of infrastructure, and in team working, but sharing the same goal of reviving the economy. Our business model calls us to bet on the leadership from the pioneers and innovation.
TreveriMarket empowers businesses — start up-ventures to large firms — to find capital, partners, resources or liquidity to launch, grow and capitalize any business venture. With its transparency, innovation and simplicity, TreveriMarket is among the first global electronic marketplaces that benefit both companies and investors. Its core product is a web-
Redtail Capital provides debt and equity investment capital and funding for companies in various industries and life cycles. For debt funding, Redtail Capital has lenders and institutional groups that can meet your debt funding needs. Senior notes, subordinated notes, or lines of credit can provide a company with the cash needed to go to the next…

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