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Wowing Your Investors with a Persuasive Presentation

Date: 01/27/16 By: PlanIt Business Team

You’ve put a lot of time and energy into creating a great business idea and making that idea a viable reality. Your next challenge is getting potential investors as excited about your business as you are. This can be especially daunting when you consider just how many business plans and business presentations your audience has encountered.

Ready to wow your investors? Here are a few tips for creating a more persuasive presentation.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Investors are busy. They don’t want to hear your whole life’s story (or even in your business’s detailed history) in the one presentation. They also don’t want to be bombarded by 50 slides in 15 minutes.

Instead, keep your presentation concise. Be very deliberate in the slides you choose to use, and avoid relying too heavily on your powerpoint slides. Instead, use a few well chosen slides to support your message, but not distract your audience from it.

Keep in mind that often investors will want to ask questions once your presentation is complete. Be sure to allow plenty of time to address any concerns they might have. This is a great opportunity to address any potential concerns you might not have thought to include in your presentation.

Tell a Compelling Story

Using a compelling story is a great way to set the tone of your presentation and capture the interest of your audience. Far too often, investor presentations rely too heavily on data, and fail to inspire through a more human connection.

Whether you tell a story about the inception of your business, or perhaps a client or customer who benefited from your services, make sure that it ties in with the rest of your message, and highlights a key aspect of your business that you wish your investors to understand.

Be Memorable

Throwing together some bullet points in a powerpoint presentation is simply not enough to stand out. If possible, try to use multimedia to enrich your presentation. Videos, images, or anything else that can help visually support your message will make your presentation more interesting, and therefore more memorable. Investors will be far more likely to recall a compelling image than to recall a piece of data in a sea of bullet points.

Another tactic is to have one or two other members of your team talk about different components of your business. This presents variety, and also gives your investors the opportunity to see your business as a larger operation, with a valuable team.

Of course you don’t want to be too over the top, but adding a few unique elements can help take an acceptable presentation to the next level.

Know When (and How) to Use Data

Yes, data is a key component of your presentation, but you want to be careful when and how you use it. Data should be the meat of your presentation, but it shouldn’t consume your entire message. Highlight what is most important by using clear, visually appealing representations in your slides. And be sure to refer your audience to more detailed information in your business plan.

Share Your Vision

This is the key to your presentation. You want to be sure you are conveying your vision and your passion for your business throughout the entirety of your presentation. Without passion or a clear idea of where you’re headed in the future, your business is going to pale in comparison to other options your potential investors are reviewing.

By following these tips you will be well on your way to creating a persuasive presentation for your potential investors, and securing the funding you need for your business to succeed.


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