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The Trump Effect on Business Plans

Date: 01/18/17 By: PlanIt Business Team

Here we are just two days away from the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America. So far the publicly traded capital markets have responded bullishly in anticipation for the Trump administration.

Donald Trump’s bullish promises:

  • Decreasing corporate tax rate
  • Repatriation of offshore cash
  • Investment into infrastructure
  • Passive income tax benefits

Donald Trump’s bearish promises:

  • Tariffs on imports
  • Penalties on off-shoring labor
  • Tighter immigration and work visas

For start-ups and early stage companies seeking outside capital from the bank, angel and venture capital markets, this is the right time to get your business plans in place. Interest rates will tick up while at the same time investment into domestic companies will increase.  For those companies in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, potential for additional incentives can be a catalyst for incremental funding opportunities.


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