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“Texas Tops Nation in Population Growth in 2016” – U.S. Census Bureau

Date: 02/13/17 By: PlanIt Business Team

According to an article by CBSDFW.com, based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of Texas grew by more than 430,000 – a number higher than that of any other state in the country. Overall, Texas is the second most populous state in the country — with just shy of 28,000,000 residents. California has the most people with nearly 40,000,000.


So what does this mean for business plans in Texas? Texas business plans become quite important as start ups and entrepreneurship accelerate at a commiserate rate of population growth.


At PlanIt Business, our Texas clients represented nearly 20% of our client base. That means, 1 in every 5 business plans written come from the great state of Texas! Some of our Texas business plans that have received funding are: Mobile Equity Corp ($1.25 Million), RockStar Welding ($100 Thousand), Wello Inc ($750 Thousand) and many others.



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PlanIt Business (“PIB”) is a leading business plan consulting service, created to provide entrepreneurs, start ups and small – medium sized companies with high quality, customized and value-added business plans and a link to capital funding through its exclusive investor partner network, which consists of venture capital firms, crowd funding services, brokers, bankers and high net wealth accredited investors.  In addition, PIB provides financial projection models, board presentations, Private Placement Memoranda (“PPMs”), Valuation and transaction support services including capital raising and mergers & acquisition.  PIB also provides subscription services that include over 200 different market research reports, business planning and financial modeling video tutorials and VC and SBA monthly newsletters.


PIB guarantees that all of its business plans are customized from scratch instead of copied from templates or auto-generated by software programs. In addition, all business plans are written by an Ivy League MBA with start up experience as well as experience in corporate, investment banking or venture capital – – we do not use an “assembly line” approach nor do we delegate to junior resources.  PlanIt Business is a subsidiary of ELK Partners LLC and is headquartered in Dallas, TX.


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