Technology Business Plans

The Technology industry is among the economy’s largest and fastest growing source of employment growth. A major growth factor is technology’s rapid expansion and evolution. Because of these quick and constant changes, businesses want to keep up in order to encourage higher productivity and expand their market opportunities.

Opportunities Within the Technology Industry

According to a Computerworld Forecast Survey administered in mid-2014, companies indicated the top five areas they would be increasing spending in the next 12 months would be:

  1. Security technologies
  2. Cloud computing
  3. Business analytics
  4. Application development, upgrades or replacement
  5. And wireless/mobile

This should really come as no surprise as businesses strive to become more agile with cloud services, but simultaneously more secure, especially after the high-profile security breaches of major companies like Home Depot and Target.

As companies look to increase spending in these key areas, this provides opportunities for new businesses to step up and offer quality service that addresses these major areas, and beyond. But the technology industry is full of passionate, innovative companies who are all racing to keep up with the latest trends and are all clamoring for the funding to do so.

The Case for a Technology Business Plan

These trends point to the importance of solid planning and clear differentiation for any new company looking to enter the technology industry. The best way to set your business up to achieve this goal of differentiation from the start? A solid business plan.

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