Retail Business Plans

In the Unites States alone, the National Retail Federation says that the retail industry supports 42 million jobs and pumps $2.6 trillion dollars into the GDP. Sales are predicted to show the biggest growth since 2011. Needless to say, retail is a mammoth sector of the economy that will always have a place in the world’s business landscape.

Opportunities for Retail

Despite the undeniable presence of the big-name stores we all know, 98.6 percent of retail businesses employ fewer than 50 people. This shows that many small shops started by entrepreneurs just like you are able to get their share of the success.

But it also shows that competition is fierce. To open a successful storefront, you’ve got to communicate what exactly customers, investors, and partners get from your business that they can’t get anywhere else. In other words, you’ve got to express your unique value proposition by telling your company’s story.

The Right Business Plan for Your Retail Store or Website

Telling your story and expressing your unique value proposition is where PlanIt Business comes in. Whether you plan on opening a quaint shop on your town’s Main Street, or launching a trendy website where visitors only browse and buy online, the right retail business plan gives your dream a solid foundation and communicates that in the right way.

More than just a write-up of your vision, a quality plan includes accurate and customized market research, financial models, and forecasts that show you a clear path to success going forward while speaking to investors about the viability of your business. In short, a quality business plan is the key to getting funded.

But we take getting you funded a step further. After your plan is perfected, we let you put it in front of angel investors, venture capitalist firms, and banks by posting it free of charge in our Business Plan Gallery. With this feature, people with the funding you need can easily read through your plan and, if they like what they see, contact you.

And if you like what you see in our experience and approach to creating winning business plans, contact us for a retail business plan quote by filling out an online form or calling us at 800-894-0828.