Renewable & Clean Energy Business Plan Market Opportunity

Renewable & Clean Energy represents a large and growing market opportunity. According to BP, in 2015:

·         Renewable energy used in power generation grew by 15.2%, which was roughly equal to all of the increase in global power generation

·         Globally, wind energy (+17.4%) remains the largest source of renewable electricity

·         Solar power generation grew by 32.6%


The Renewable & Clean Energy Business Landscape

The Renewable & clean energy business includes energy derived from natural processes that do not involve the consumption of exhaustible resources like fossil fuels or uranium. Hydroelectricity, wind power, solar and geothermal energy and combustible renewables and renewable waste (landfill gas, waste incineration, solid biomass and liquid biofuels) are all examples of renewable energy.


Top Ten Renewable & Clean Energy Producing States

·         Vermont

·         Washington

·         South Dakota

·         Idaho

·         Oregon

·         Maine

·         Montana

·         Iowa

·         California

·         Alaska


Do You Need a Renewable & Clean Energy Business Plan?

We specialize in customized Renewable & Clean energy business plans. We can help you develop a persuasive:

·         Ethanol Business Plan

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·         Solar Panel Business Plan

·         Wind Energy Business Plan

·         Green Power Business Plan

·         Solar Energy Business Plan

·         Electricity Company Business Plan

·         Renewable Energy Business Plan

·         And many more!


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