Real Estate Business Plans

A volatile, and ever fluctuating industry, real estate offers a lot of potential for growth and success if handled correctly. The large impact of the economy on this particular industry indicates a great need for research and projections that will prepare a real estate company with a well thought out plan of action for the future.

Opportunities Within the Real Estate Industry

Real estate is an industry that will never go away, although it has changed and adapted as the economy has fluctuated. Since 2005, the homeownership rate has continued to fall due to several factors, including the economy and millennials’ reluctance to purchase property. This has increased the likelihood of renting, giving landlords and property manager’s an opening within the industry.

Commercial real estate has also been affected by the recent economy, as well as changes in the ways and places that companies are working, but it is projected to be positively affected in 2015 and 2016 by the increase in consumer spending.

Both these branches of real estate, commercial and residential, provide opportunities for brokerages, leasing, and management, among other fields. The industry as a whole employs over 2 million people, including more than 430,000 agents and brokers.

Location is Everything

Choosing a real estate market to do business in is no simple task. Location is truly everything when it comes to your real estate business, and extensive research is necessary to understand a market, enter it successfully, and sustain and grow a business within that specific location.

The Importance of the Real Estate Business Plan

Due to the fast pace of the industry, the importance of location, and the close ties real estate has with the economy, before any investor will choose to do business with a company starting out in this industry, they want to see proof of market research and a high level plan of action.

A real estate business plan can do all of this, laying the foundation for growth.

But, because a real estate business plan relies so heavily on market research, it takes more than just a writer to create a business plan. That is where PlanIt Business comes in. We are able to execute the market research you need and craft a convincing plan to present to potential investors.

Our proven business plan process provides structure and guidance every step of the way. And when your business plan is complete, we give you exclusive access to our Business Plan Gallery where investors can view your plan.

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