Questions & Answers

The Top 10 Questions We Get Most Often
1. How are you guys different? Why are you better?

1. We are the most experienced and most credentialed!
2. We provide results!
3. We offer a LINK to the funding capital! NOBODY else does that!

The most likely reason that you want a business plan is so that you can get funded – – We are the ONLY business plan company that has an integrated network of Venture Capitalists, Private Equity, Angel Investors, High Net Worth Investors, Banks, Alternative Lenders and Investment Clubs that have log in access to view our site for YOUR business plan! We call it the “Business Plan Gallery” and if they see what they like in your business plan then you will be contacted and hopefully funded quickly thereafter. You can see for yourself which Investors we have partnered with and read their profiles.

If you have done your research on business plan writing services, you will see that business plans come in 2 distinct flavors: (1) software program and templates and (2) customized written by a consultant or writer. Here’s what is wrong: (1) Software programs and templates are good in that they are fast and cheap; however, they are pretty generic and not detailed enough about your specific business. Also they do not pass a bank’s or VCs or Angel Investor’s muster. (2) On the other hand, while customized business plans usually do provide tailored information and detail, they are expensive and take too much time to finalize. In our opinion, if you are serious about getting your company funded, then customized business plans is the only way to go. The problem is the lack of qualified, credentialed and experienced customized business plan writers. PIB was created to bridge the “gap”. That is, to provide the highest quality business plans and related business documents, each created by Ivy League MBAs, experienced business leaders and former investors and bankers.

2. What’s the success rate with your plans?

In the past, our business plans have been used to raise as much as a $150,000,000 ($150 Million) in equity capital for a real estate fund to as little as $20,000 ($20 Thousand) in start up capital for a café.

To date, our efforts have funded over $10,000,000,000 ($10 Billion) in investment, acquisition, debt and equity capital! Can ANY OTHER business plan company make this claim? We doubt it.

Our mission is to put you in the very best position to get funded and we do that by (1) creating a thoughtful business plan that answers questions that an investor or bank would typically have about your business; and (2) by allowing you to post your business plan on our Business Plan Gallery. You can have the best business plan in the world but if nobody sees it then nobody can invest in it. We have partnered with high profile Venture Capitalists and Other Investors who do this for a living — they invest in great business plans and great teams.

Successful funding is a function of several factors beyond the business plan and outside of the control of PIB. For example, we cannot control to whom and how you present your business plan. Also we cannot control for the state of the economy.

What we can control for, however, is the quality and level of sophistication that we put into each and every one of our business plans. In addition, we are not a “one and done” shop – we aim to create a relationship with you that grows alongside your business.

3. What is the process again? Will it eat up a lot of my time? I am very busy. And I have an important investor meeting real soon!

We have designed for a very efficient process that does not take too much over your time and does not take much time overall. As a PIB client, you will have direct access to your business plan consultant, who works on all aspects of your business plan from beginning to end. We do not employ the “assembly line” approach to business plans like other companies do. The expression, “too many cooks spoil the broth” is very applicable to business plans – – you need 1 writer that has intimate knowledge of the entire business plan for consistency, responsiveness and efficiency. When you have one person doing the financials, another person assigned to the market research, and yet another person working on the operations or marketing piece – – what you get is chaos.

Having said that, the process is easy as 1-2-3: (1) we spec out your project and provide you with an estimate of price and time; (2) upon your upfront portion of the fee, we schedule a date to conduct a due diligence meeting (usually teleconference or in person at one of our 4 offices nationwide); (3) we provide you with a draft and we work iterate together on finalization. After that, we support you with finding investors and/or provide advice on other operational or strategic initiatives.

Ultimately, our process is designed so that we are accessible, we are accountable, you get the best results, you are best positioned to receive funding and we can partner together as your company grows! We want you to succeed first and foremost – – we define and measure OUR success by the frequency and magnitude of YOUR success!

4. How much does it cost? I did not see a pricing grid on your website.

Please call for a quote or submit an online information request form. As each project is unique and your needs, budget and constraints are unique, we like to be flexible and tailor individual solutions. We do not have a fixed pricing plan for business plans or other business documents or analysis. Our ultimate goal is to get your business plan done right, not to make a quick buck – therefore, we customize each business plan and tailor each project cost according to your needs.

5. Can you breakdown your products and services and costs again?

Sure. We hope this is not too confusing but rather a way to provide you with the best service that we can and to make sure that there are no conflicts of interest.

You get:

1. High quality business plan or related investor / bank documents – call for quote
2. Unlimited business plan edits (within reason) – FREE
3. Business Plan Gallery posting – FREE
4. Access to our experience and knowledge in Corporate Finance – FREE

6. What types of Business Plans have you have done?

We’ve been writing business plans since 1996. And over the past nearly 20 years of experience, suffice it to say, there is no industry that is new to us. Please call us for questions on specific industries.

7. How have you gotten to work with so many celebrities?

We are introduced to a lot of our clients through referrals and word-of-mouth. Referral business is a sincere form of compliment and we view it as a testament to our quality and service.

Celebrities are secretive people and while it takes a while to crack their inner-circle, once you do, they freely will refer us. And we’ve been fortunate to have written business plans for celebrities in entertainment, sports, business and academia. Some of the more notable celebrity clients include: Deion Sanders (NFL Hall of Fame and MLB), Daymond John (Shark Tank, FUBU), Kate Bohner (Donald Trump author and CNBC anchor), Graeme McDowell (2010 PGA US Open Champion) and Maurice Evans (NBA, VP of Players Association).

We hope that we can impress you with our quality and service so that not only can we earn your repeat business but also earn your referral.

8. Do you guarantee funding?

We guarantee your satisfaction and we will work to revise your business plan until you are happy with it (within reason, of course and within the original scope of work). Be skeptical of any business plan writer who claims that they can guarantee funding for you – – unless they are writing you the investment check or loan check, they are being dishonest with such a promise that they do not control.

9. What else do you do besides write business plans?

We only write business plans. That is all we do. That is all we are good at. Business Plans, however, come in different shapes, sizes and names – – related business plan documents that we do for our clients include: (1) Investor Pitch Decks, (2) Management Presentations, (3) Private Placement Memoranda (PPMs), (4) Financial Forecast Models, (5) Business Valuation, (6) Term Sheets and on occasion, we do outsourced CFO (Chief Financial Officer), CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) consulting work.

10. What is your affiliation with Lumos Partners?

Lumos Partners is an Investment Bank that brokers M&A transactions (corporate exits) and venture capital raisings for qualified clients. Lumos is a network partner with PIB.