Pets Industry Overview

The new “pet parent” phenomenon has increased demand for specialized pet products and services in recent years.  These types of pet owners treat their four-legged friends as family members and they are willing to pay a premium to keep their pets safe and happy. According to the American Pet Product Association’s (APPA) National Pet Owners Survey, the average dog or cat owner spends between $200 and $300 annually on food for their pet.

Top 5 Pets Industry Business Trends

  1. All-natural and organic pet foods
  2. Grooming & walking
  3. Pet therapy
  4. Home delivery of pet supplies
  5. Pet hotels

 How big is the Pets market opportunity?

According to IBISWorld, the number of pets in the U.S. has been increasing since 2015 and will continue to increase through 2021.

Pet food and pet supplies generate the largest proportions of pet store industry revenues.

Why do you need a Pets industry business plan?

  1. Get organized operationally
  2. Get your financial forecast and budget in place
  3. Get a bank loan
  4. Raise capital from: friends & family, angel investors, venture capital, private equity
  5. Recruit key managers and employees

Top 10 PlanIt Business Pets Business Plans:

  1. Organic Pet Food Business Plan
  2. Pet Adoption Business Plan
  3. Pet-sitting Business Plan
  4. Mobile Pet Grooming Business Plan
  5. Pet Training Business Plan
  6. Pet Therapy Business Plan
  7. Pet Accessories Business Plan
  8. Pet Medicine Business Plan
  9. Pet Furniture Business Plan
  10. Pet Café Business Plan

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