We’re Only as good as our clients’ reviews – Founder

We Link Our Clients to Potential Funding Sources.

As the Founder of PIB, I wanted to personally thank you for your interest. PIB was created to “democratize business plans and related funding and financial documents.” What does this mean for you? It means that I am bringing the sophistication, professionalism and experience of Wall Street to Main Street. I work FOR YOU, the leaders of small-medium sized companies and start up entrepreneurs. Besides Fortune 500 companies, who else can afford to keep teams of business plan writers, CFOs, business strategists, financial and accounting managers on their payroll? It makes the most economical sense to outsource this type of work to us. Think of us as your outsourced team members!

While growth companies serve as the backbone of the global economy, paradoxically, funding options are limited for this group that need it the most! A professionally written, well thought out and defensible business plan can make a difference. Folks, the current software and templates out there do NOT work. Investors will throw your business plan into the garbage if they know that you are taking short cuts. And I would not waste your money either on those other so-called Customized Business Plan Consultants whom never have raised a single dollar themselves – – they just write about it. I ask, how can you effectively write about capital raising if you have never done it for yourself?

We, at PIB have raised over $6 Million for our own start up companies and raised in excess of $10 Billion for our client companies. We write the highest quality business plans and have been doing so since 1996.

In addition, we are one of the most highly credentialed, educated and experienced business plan writers out there – we have on our staff: Ivy League MBAs, former Venture Capitalists, former hedge fund managers, former Wall Street Investment Bankers and former Corporate Executives. Finally, we use our network to provide a link to the actual funding – – we have dozens of investment partners who are exclusive to our business plan customers. They seek business plans to fund, and that could be your’s.

At PIB we enable you to post / upload your business plan to our Investor Gallery and we allow your business plan to be discovered (and hopefully funded) by our network of participating Venture Capital firms and Other Investors. We not only create for you the best business plan but also a link to the capital (which is the end goal, right?).


Eric Kim
Founder and Lead Business Plan Writer