Immigration Business Plans

The application process for a business visa can be extremely detailed and time consuming. Once you and your lawyer have determined the best business immigrant visa for your particular needs, it is time to prepare your application.

Why You Need an Immigration Business Plan

For many business immigration visa applications, a strong business plan is not an option, it is a requirement. Some of these business immigration visas include:

  • E2 Visa
  • L1 Visa
  • E1 Visa
  • H1B Visa
  • NIW Visa
  • EB2 Visa
  • O1 Visa
  • EB5 Visa

Your business plan is a key component of not only structuring a strong business, but obtaining the visa you are applying for. A successful business plan requires extensive financial details, industry analysis, and a clear marketing strategy. Through these, and other, essential elements, and the criteria required by the specific visa you are applying for, your business plan acts as major support to your overall visa application.

Creating an Immigration Business Plan

Because your business plan is such an important piece of your application, writing it yourself or hiring an inexperienced writer can prove to be a major blow to the success of your visa application. PlanIt Business solves this problem by providing you with an experienced team and proven process that will result in a strong, well crafted business plan.

We not only have experience in a variety of industries, but we also have experience writing business plans specifically for immigration purposes. We work hard to ensure that all components of the immigration business plan are completed to fully satisfy the visa application requirements.

If you or your client is looking for an experienced partner to assist with the creation of an immigration business plan, contact us today by filling out our form or give us a call at 800-894-0828.