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How Are You Guys Different

Date: 12/05/14 By: PlanIt Business Team

The most likely reason that you want a business plan is so that you can get funded – – We are the ONLY business plan company that has an integrated network of Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, High Net Worth Investors and Investment Clubs that have log in access to view our site for YOUR business plan! We call it the “Business Plan Gallery” and if they see what they like in your business plan then you will be contacted and hopefully funded quickly thereafter. You can see for yourself which Investors we have partnered with and read their profiles.

If you have done your research on business plan writing services, you will see that business plans come in 2 distinct flavors: (1) software program and templates and (2) customized written by a consultant or writer.

Here’s what’s wrong: (1) Software programs and templates are good in that they are fast and cheap; however, they are pretty generic and not detailed enough about your specific business. Also they do not pass a bank’s or VCs or Angel Investor’s muster.

(2) On the other hand, while customized business plans usually do provide tailored information and detail, they are expensive and take too much time to finalize. In our opinion, if you are serious about getting your company funded, then customized business plans is the only way to go. The problem is the lack of qualified, credentialed and experienced customized business plan writers.

PIB was created to bridge the “gap”. That is, to provide the highest quality business plans and related business documents, each created by Ivy League MBAs, experienced business leaders and investors.


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