Daycare Business Plans

While some might think the daycare industry is a lesser industry worth little time or thought, daycare owners not only possess the gentleness and patience it takes to be around children all day, but they also possess the business smarts to know their business has great potential for growth and success.

Opportunities in the Daycare Industry

The daycare business is a booming industry. According to recent reports, the U.S. child care services industry boasts over 53,000 commercially run facilities with a combined annual revenue of $20 billion. And this doesn’t even include over 21,000 facilities funded by nonprofit daycare organizations which contribute a combined annual revenue of over $13 billion.

But even though this industry is incredibly large and profitable, there still a place for the little guy. Estimates show that over 80% of the child care market is actually made up of small independent child care providers. Therefore, there has never been a better time than right now to start your daycare business venture.

The Daycare Business Plan You Need

Because there are so many small daycare businesses out there, it is important to have a competitive edge when it comes to growing your business. One way to do just that is through a custom business plan. This document gives you the ability to gain funding, and also lays a solid foundation for success.

At PlanIt Business we are not simply business plan writers, we are your business plan consultants. That means our team of experts will advise you in building your successful business, as well as actually writing the daycare business plan you need.

Through our services we help you develop a clear and unique concept, and thoroughly define and research your market. We can also help you build the necessary internal processes and forecasts, including: market data, sources for start-up capital, long-term income and expense forecasts, marketing budgets, employee hiring policies, training and retention programs, and a detailed plan to deal with the many challenges your business must overcome.

Every start-up business needs two things: a killer business plan and capital. We can help you get both. After we’ve completed your custom daycare business plan we can assist you in finding the start-up capital you’ll need to cover your initial facilities, marketing, and operating expenses.

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