Business Services

The Business Services industry is an extremely diverse and fairly broad vertical. It generally refers to any business whose services help other companies to operate more efficiently. In the 21st century, these company’s are essential to supporting businesses across the globe.

Why Do You Need a Business Services Business Plan?

The nature of this particular industry means that there is plenty of room to grow a Business Services company. Technology has provided opportunities for companies to come together easily in order to complete almost any service you can imagine.

But standing out from the crowd in this space can be difficult. Having a custom business plan not only provides you with the roadmap you need to grow and expand your business, but it also provides an opportunity to appeal to investors who might not otherwise give your company a second glance.

Business Services Market Size & Industry Specifics

This industry is set to continue on a path of steady growth. Global business service revenues are forecasted to grow $1,593bn by 2017 (in comparison with $1,395bn in 2014). Companies in this industry have seen greater growth the more countries they are able to provide services for. This means there is a clear opportunity for global business in this industry.

IT and Finance are the two main services that dominate this industry. But there are a wide range of other areas where business service companies can contribute.

Types of Businesses Within the Business Services Vertical

Companies are typically looking to reduce spending, increase scalability, and standardized processes when using Business Services. Below is just a few of the types of businesses that typically assist with these goals:

  • Information Technology
  • Accounting
  • Printing
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Consulting
  • Legal Services
  • Logistics & Shipping
  • Human Resources
  • Staffing
  • Leasing
  • Security
  • Market research
  • Call centers
  • And more!

Top 5 Success Points for Business Services

Ready to get started in the Business Services industry? Here are the top 5 success points that apply to just about any business that falls within this vertical:

  1. Specialize: This industry is so wide it can quickly become overwhelming. Instead, focus on your area of expertise and excel at it.
  2. Network: Referrals are a powerful way to gain business in this industry. Take the time to leverage your network for growth.
  3. Hire Talent: Without the right people, your business is doomed from the start. Hire quality talent with a passion for your services.
  4. Communicate: Keeping your clients in the loop and listening carefully are two of the most powerful way to keep them happy and foster a healthy relationship. This also has a positive impact on your employees and investors.
  5. Project Management: Extreme attention to detail and the ability to manage a wide range of projects is essential in this industry. Exceptional project management can be the difference between you and the other guy.

Your Trusted Team of Business Plan Writers

Our team of expert business plan writers at PlanIt Business have experience not only creating business service business plans, but helping those companies get funded. Our clear process allows us the opportunity to get to know your business intimately, and create the perfect plan that demonstrates what makes you unique.

And we are more than just your team, we are your partners and advisors. We go the extra mile to ensure your business is primed for growth. We even provide the link to the capital you need by posting your completed business plan in our “Business Plan Gallery” where our Investor Network can review your plan and potentially provide you with funding.

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