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5 Signs You’ve Chosen the Wrong Business Plan Consultant

Date: 04/14/15  By: PlanIt Business Team

Choosing the right business plan consultant for your business plan can seem daunting. One single Google search yields an endless number of business plan consultants. You are forced to ask questions, like: What to do? Who to choose? What to look for?

That is why we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 signs that you may have chosen the wrong business plan consultant.

1. Assembly Line

Just one cog of a broader business plan consulting team.

While this may seem logical from a division of labor and specialization perspective, from a quality, consistency and themat ...


Daycare Business Plan: Necessary or Optional?

Date: 04/08/15  By: PlanIt Business Team

Getting serious about your daycare business? Nothing is more serious, and more business savvy than creating a well laid out, official daycare business plan. This document will provide you with an industry advantage and help connect you with the right investors for your business.

Before you create your business plan, it is important to have a grasp on the details that will help you succeed. Here are 6 things to consider:

  1. Trustworthy Staff. If you’re asking your clients to entrust you with their kids, then you better have staff who are trustworthy. Hire staff personnel who actually enjoy children
  2. Licensed Professionals. Must ...


Do You Need a Salon Business Plan?

Date: 04/05/15  By: PlanIt Business Team

When first starting your salon business, it is important to understand why having a solid business plan can assist you. A business plan provides you with a solid foundation that gives investors confidence in your company.

But, before you get started on your salon business plan, here a few things to take into consideration.

Top 5 things to know for success in the Salon business:

  1. Location, location, location. Finding the right balance between accessibility and visibility and seclusion; some salon customers want an “escape”
  2. Ambiance, atmosphere. Create a clean, comfortable, relaxing and safe environment


Do You Need to Write a Law Firm Business Plan?

Date: 04/01/15  By: PlanIt Business Team

Want to have strong growing business? Looking for funding and capital investments? Then you definitely need a strong business plan for your law firm. Without this essential component, you will find yourself struggling to find interested investors. But with a strong, clear business plan you will find your way much more clear cut.

Top 5 things to know for success in the Law Firm business:

  1. Specialize. Publicize your area of expertise; corporate, litigation, employment; unless you have unlimited resources, you cannot compete with a one-stop-shop national law firm
  2. Networking. Word-of-mouth marketing and business introduced by ref ...


Interior Design Business Plan

Date: 03/28/15  By: PlanIt Business Team

You’ve decided to open an interior design company with your knowledge and expertise and all you need is a little bit of capital to get yourself started.

Obtaining a loan or equity funding for your interior design company begins with writing a successful business plan. We here at PIB (PlanIt Business) can provide you with not only a customized, high quality business plan but also provide you with a link to VCs and investor partners for that capital you seek. At PIB, we have written thousands of business plans since 1996.

Before you start on your venture, be sure that your business meets a few guidelines for success:

1. Creativity

Successful interior designer ...



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