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The Trump Effect on Business Plans

Date: 01/18/17  By: PlanIt Business Team

Here we are just two days away from the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America. So far the publicly traded capital markets have responded bullishly in anticipation for the Trump administration.

Donald Trump’s bullish promises:

  • Decreasing corporate tax rate
  • Repatriation of offshore cash
  • Investment into infrastructure
  • Passive income tax benefits

Donald Trump’s bearish promises:

  • Tariffs on imports
  • Penalties on off-shoring labor
  • Tighter immigration and work visas

For start-ups and early stage companies seeking outside capital from ...


Understanding the Different Types of Investors

Date: 02/26/16  By: PlanIt Business Team

When you have a dream for starting a business, all your amazing ideas won’t quite be enough to get it off the ground. Simply put, you need money. And oftentimes, that means finding types of investors that believe in you enough to put cash into your company on the premise that it’ll grow into a stunning success.

If you’re just now making this foray into the world of entrepreneurship, consider this your field guide for the types of investors you’re likely to encounter. With knowledge on your side, you’ll be better equipped to present your business in a way that appeals to each one.    



The Main Components of a Business Plan

Date: 02/18/16  By: PlanIt Business Team

Not all business plans are created equal. And not all business plans include some of the key sections that they should. But when it comes to creating an effective business plan, there are certain main components that should definitely be included in order to prove the validity of your business and the ability your company has to execute the plan.

While each business plan should be customized to fit your company’s specific needs, there are certain sections highlighted below that ...


Wowing Your Investors with a Persuasive Presentation

Date: 01/27/16  By: PlanIt Business Team

You’ve put a lot of time and energy into creating a great business idea and making that idea a viable reality. Your next challenge is getting potential investors as excited about your business as you are. This can be especially daunting when you consider just how many business plans and business presentations your audience has encountered.

Ready to wow your investors? Here are a few tips for creating a more persuasive presentation.



4 Questions to Vet a Potential Business Plan Writer

Date: 01/26/16  By: PlanIt Business Team

Hiring the best business plan writer can be the difference between impressing an investor that has the financial power to get your dream off the ground and failing to get funded. That’s why it’s so crucial to discover which provider will most likely deliver the plan and the results you’re looking for and avoid common mistakes ...


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