How It Works

Discussion, Business Plan Creation, Review Edit Update, and Get Funded


Tell Us About Yourself and Your Business

  • Introduction. The first step in the process is to learn more about you, your goals and to put our heads together and formulate a winning strategy.
  • Document Review. We will review any documentation that you have whether it is a sub-standard business plan written by a different business plan company, excel spreadsheets, presentations or even notes written on the back of a napkin.
  • Q&A. We ask thorough questions upfront so that as to make the most of your precious time.
    Most discussions take place over conference call.

Research, Analysis Writing and Proofing

  • Table of Contents. The second step in the process is for us to get to work. We create the outline or table of contents and begin our research and analysis before we begin to write. Generally, we send the outline or table of contents to you in order to get your blessing before we start to draft your plan and work on your financial model.
  • Drafting. We go to work!
  • Post Drafting. Drafting. Editing. Stress Test, Quality Control and Send to Client.

Let's Get It Perfect

  • Review. We like to allow time for you to give your business plan a thorough review.
  • Edits? Questions? We expect you to have comments, questions and edits. We like to set up another conference call with you to walk you through the business plan and the numbers. After all, this is your business plan for your business, therefore you should understand it and be comfortable with it.

Investors Find and Fund Your Business Plan

  • Display Business Plan. Once you are totally satisfied with your business plan you can upload it to our business plan gallery, which is accessible by our network of investors.
  • Set Preferences. You will be able to control your profile to specify how often you want to be pinged when your business plan is reviewed by an investor.
  • Monitor Traffic. You will be able to log into your business plan page and see who, when and how often your business plan has been reviewed by an investor.
  • Close the Funding. Also you will be able to access requests from investors desiring a meeting or having specific questions for you about your business plan - - this is a good thing!