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Business Plan Writing Services: You Get What You Pay For

Date: 05/19/15  By: PlanIt Business Team

Looking for a business plan writing service? Many people tell me that this can be a confusing, time intensive and frustrating task.

But it does not have to be.

Although there is a plethora of key attributes on which to evaluate business plan writing services, at the core of the decision making process should be the simple, yet definitive truth that is applicable to most things in life and very much so in business plan writing services: “You get what you pay for.”

The business plan writing service market is highly fragmented and comprised of large companies, small businesses and freelance individual writers – – it can be grouped into the follow ...


Should You Just Write Your Business Plan Yourself?

Date: 05/14/15  By: PlanIt Business Team

This is the biggest question that comes into the mind of prospective business owners – “Should I just plan this thing out myself?”

Business plan writing services are important, but they may not be for everyone. If you’re on an extremely limited budget, then maybe these services just aren’t for you. If you’re confident in your ability to write a business plan, build a financial model and secure capital, then maybe these services aren’t for you either.

Then again, maybe they are…

Reasons to Use a Business Plan Writing Service

There is no such thing as a perfect formula for writing a business plan, or even just planning a business in general. Eve ...


How to Hook a Funder with Your Business Plan

Date: 04/20/15  By: PlanIt Business Team

Your business plan and vision are meaningless if they never become a reality. Business plans are used for a wide variety of goals, but securing funding for your startup is often one of the most important functions. Possible funders are always looking for new, lucrative opportunities and it’s your job to hook them on your unique idea.

Use this guide to attract, and keep, funder’s interested in your business.

Show, Don’t Tell

Anyone can come up with a cool new idea, but it’s not about what you can dream up in your spare time between flipping burgers, it’s about what you can actually develop into an ...


5 Big Differences Between Business Plan Consultants and Business Plan Writers

Date: 04/17/15  By: PlanIt Business Team

If you’re in the market to hire someone to help you develop your business plan documentation, you need to understand the differences between business plan consultants and business plan writers. No two titles are created equally and that couldn’t be truer for the distinction between these two. As a prospective client, it’s important that you understand the underlying differences so you can make an informed decision regarding the future of your business.

1. Writers Write

This might sound like a simple concept that doesn’t need explaining, but this is where the core difference l ...


5 Signs You’ve Chosen the Wrong Business Plan Consultant

Date: 04/14/15  By: PlanIt Business Team

Choosing the right business plan consultant for your business plan can seem daunting. One single Google search yields an endless number of business plan consultants. You are forced to ask questions, like: What to do? Who to choose? What to look for?

That is why we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 signs that you may have chosen the wrong business plan consultant.

1. Assembly Line

Just one cog of a broader business plan consulting team.

While this may seem logical from a division of labor and specialization perspective, from a quality, consistency and themat ...



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