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How are you guys different

Date: 12/05/14  By: admin

The most likely reason that you want a business plan is so that you can get funded – – We are the ONLY business plan company that has an integrated network of Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, High Net Worth Investors and Investment Clubs that have log in access to view our site for YOUR business plan! We call it the “Business Plan Gallery” and if they see what they like in your business plan then you will be contacted and hopefully funded quickly thereafter. You can see for yourself which Investors we have partnered with and read their profiles.

If you have done your research on business plan writing services, you will see that business plans come in 2 ...


Should You Revise Your Retail Business Plan?

Date: 06/28/13  By: admin

The retail industry is very competitive. Some of the reasons why are because it’s got very low barriers to entry and service is usually undifferentiated. What differentiates Walmart from Target?  Officemax from Staples? Petco from Petsmart? The wrong path that many business owners take to try to resolve this is to compete solely on pricing, which of course is a slippery slope and can lead to losses.

So how do you remain competitive? You need to create differentiation, you need to create barriers to entry. If your retail business plan lacks a true value proposition that is somewhat unique, then you really need to rethink and revise it. Here are five areas where you can strive to ...


Top 5 Trends in a Day Care Business Plan

Date: 06/03/13  By: admin

As people live busier lives, day care businesses are growing in importance.   I present to you a list below of 5 day care business plan industry trends that I have observed.

Top 5 Industry Trends in the Day Care business:

    1. Education. Parents are demanding and seeking day care centers that do more than just “baby sit” their children while they are at work. Day care business plans that include learning time through reading, singing, arts & crafts and even physical activity tend to attract more clients.
    2. Theme. Day care centers with a specific theme like music or dance or reading tend to provide thei ...


Top 5 Things to Know About a Hotel Business Plan

Date: 05/18/13  By: admin

Contrary to popular belief, success in the hotel business is less about the actual property than it is about service. A good hotel business plan will detail the process and procedures for ensuring great service and the perception of value.  I present to you a list below of my thoughts on keys to success for a hotel business plan.

Top 5 things to know for success in the hotel business:

    1. Personalized Attention. For high end hotels, guests want to feel like they are the only guest in the hotel and that the entire staff is there to wait on them.
    2. Customized Service. Most hotel guests are there on weary busines ...


Top 5 Things to Know About a Catering Business Plan

Date: 05/13/13  By: admin

A catering business is very different than a traditional restaurant business. In the latter, your customers come to you; in the former you go to your customers. Catering involves an added complexity of mobility, which requires travel, timing and logistics that bring challenges absent in the traditional brick and mortar restaurant business. I present to you a list below of my thoughts on keys to success for a catering business plan.

Top 5 things to know for success in the Catering business:

    1. Quality of Food. Catering requires travel to an event venue so be prepared to adjust to various food prep conditions; food must be fresh, the c ...


Top 5 Tips for an Effective Financial Business Plan

Date: 04/26/13  By: admin

The Situation: You need to create a financial business plan but do not know where or how to begin!

I humbly present my top 5 tips:

  1. Multi-Tabular Design: I like to use different tabs to segregate different parts of the financial model in excel, otherwise the model becomes too unwieldy for review and printing purposes and overall usability ineffectiveness. Some ideas on how to structure a multi-tab financial model are:
  • Cover – this is where you would title the model, date it and include any other identifiers
  • Control panel – this is where you would enter the assumptions and inputs
  • ...


The Term, “Business Plan Writer” is a Misnomer

Date: 04/08/13  By: admin

If it is an effective business plan that you seek for funding, try a business plan consultant rather than a business plan writer.

Anybody can be a business plan writer. You follow a set outline or a table of contents and presto, viola…you have a business plan, right? Wrong. While this may work for an internally focused business plan, if you are seeking a business plan to find funding, you need more than a collection of words on pages. Effective business plans are built on the fundamentals of business positioning.  Positioning requires the following: experience, formal business education and research. Positioning requires understanding the ind ...


Business Plan Writing vs. Business Plan Consulting

Date: 03/23/13  By: admin

Contrary to popular belief, business plan writing and business plan consulting are not the same thing. A business plan writer – is just that – a writer; whereas a business plan consultant can not only write a business plan but he or she can also call upon their experience and expertise to advise on business execution, strategy, marketing, sales, finances and operations. Do you see the difference? If not, please read on.

An effective business plan is much more 35 pages of well-written sentences and words. An effective business plan company does much more than write your thoughts onto paper. Rather, an effective business plan rests its contents on proven busines ...


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